Quicken Loans

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This was our most exciting project to date. Designed by dPop! out of Detroit, MI, we started with a barren 3,000-square-foot floor, and got to work. In 6 weeks, we built the space working hand and hand with the owner and the design team to bring their vision to life. The most impressive piece of the project was the custom ceiling, which was designed and built by us to match a fabric swatch supplied by the design team. The countertops work to accent the space with the company's color scheme. Supplied by Vitrazzo, these glass counters are a semi-custom order. With the crushed red stone being recycled only material, the material availability is dependent on the access to previously crushed red glass. To make sure we had the tops to finish the project, we bought the last 3 slabs in the U.S. prior to construction starting, as the next production was a year from the project start date.

Key Project Details:

  • Design Heavy Custom Construction
  • 6 Weeks in Field
  • 100% Custom Ceiling
  • Green Build Techniques